Saturday, December 17, 2016

New Issue: Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy

The latest issue of the Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy (Vol. 19, no. 4, 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Law, Property, Markets and State: Fisheries Governance in Less-Developed Contexts
    • Jennifer F. Brewer & Nicholas S. J. Watts, Mending the Net: Property and Markets in Fisheries Policy for Less-Developed Contexts
    • David Tecklin, Sensing the Limits of Fixed Marine Property Rights in Changing Coastal Ecosystems: Salmon Aquaculture Concessions, Crises, and Governance Challenges in Southern Chile
    • Jeremy M. Raynal, Arielle S. Levine & Mia T. Comeros-Raynal, American Samoa's Marine Protected Area System: Institutions, Governance, and Scale
    • Christine M. Beitl, The Changing Legal and Institutional Context for Recognizing Nature's Rights in Ecuador: Mangroves, Fisheries, Farmed Shrimp, and Coastal Management since 1980
    • Holly M. Hapke, State-Led Development and the Cultural Economy of Trade in a South Indian Fishery
    • Daniel Boyd Kramer, Celia Hallan, Kara Stevens & Mark Axelrod, Getting Beyond Consumption Without Conscience and Production Without Prudence: The Governance of Globalizing Small-Scale Fisheries
  • Perspective
    • Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith, Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places? Dying Elephants, Evolving Treaties, and Empty Threats