Thursday, December 15, 2016

Call for Submissions: Dispute Resolution in Asia

The Journal of International Arbitration has issued a call for submissions for special issue on "Dispute Resolution in Asia." Here's the call:

The Kluwer Journal of International Arbitration (JOIA) is pleased to announce a forthcoming Special Issue on “Dispute Resolution in Asia.”

This Special Issue will focus on the use of international arbitration as means of resolving cross-border disputes in Asia. Slowly but steadily, Asia has established its presence on the international arbitration world map. The main drivers of this process have been attributed to the growing economic strength and geopolitical importance of the region, as well as the ever-increasing legal sophistication and infrastructure of Asian jurisdictions. Asia’s economic development leads to growing numbers of international arbitrations involving Asian parties, while at the same time providing these parties with inherently stronger bargaining powers in shaping the arbitral process. As new arbitration institutions have been set up in an attempt to capture this market, the leading arbitration institutions in Asia continue to be trendsetters in initiating rule revisions. At the same time, Asian states have introduced varying degrees of reforms to their arbitration laws. As Asia continues on its steady transition to maturity, there will no doubt be challenges. For instance, how will Asia ensure a consistent pattern of excellence across the region? Will Asian jurisdictions be able to address the increasing concerns of time and costs in arbitration? How can one support the growth of a pool of international arbitrators with credible knowledge of Asia?

Submissions to this Special Issue may include (but are not limited to) a review or critique of recent innovations, challenges, reforms, or decisions concerning international arbitration in one or more Asian jurisdictions. We invite all those with an interest in the theme of “Dispute Resolution in Asia” to contribute to this special issue. The general author guidelines of the journal apply and can be found here. Manuscripts should be submitted to, for consideration on or before 15 February 2017.

Professor Dr Maxi Scherer (General Editor JOIA)

Darius Chan (Special Issue Editor)

Victoria Narancio (Assistant Editor)