Monday, December 12, 2016

Kahana & Scolnicov: Boundaries of State, Boundaries of Rights

Tsvi Kahana (Queen's Univ. - Law) & Anat Scolnicov (Univ. of Winchester - Law) have published Boundaries of State, Boundaries of Rights: Human Rights, Private Actors, and Positive Obligations (Cambridge Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Tsvi Kahana & Anat Scolnicov, Introduction
  • Jean Thomas, Our rights, but whose duties? Re-conceptualizing rights in the era of globalization
  • David Schneiderman, On suffering and societal constitutionalism: at the border of international investment and arbitration
  • José E. Alvarez, Beware: boundary crossings
  • Mark Tushnet, Dialogue and constitutional duty
  • Vicki C. Jackson, Positive obligations, positive rights and constitutional amendment
  • Helen Hershkoff, Privatizing public rights: common law and state action in the United States
  • Johan van der Walt, Abdications of sovereignty in state action and horizontal effect jurisprudence
  • Tsvi Kahana, Hybrid state accountability and hybrid rights: positive rights, exclusion, and state action in Canada
  • Anat Scolnicov, Human rights and derivative rights: the European Convention on Human Rights and the rights of corporations
  • A. C. L. Davies, Judicial review and Human Rights Act review in contracted-out public services: options for litigation in English law
  • Stephanie Palmer, Privatization and human rights in the United Kingdom
  • Paul B. Miller, Principles of public fiduciary administration
  • Megan Dersnah & Ron Levi, Human rights indicators and boundaries of accountability and opportunity