Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Issue: Arbitration International

The latest issue of Arbitration International (Vol. 32, no. 4, December 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • William G. Bassler, The enforceability of emergency awards in the United States: or when interim means final
    • David Collins, The line of equilibrium: improving the legitimacy of investment treaty arbitration through the application of the WTO’s general exceptions
    • Marc J. Goldstein, Living (or not) with the partisan arbitrator: are there limits to deliberations secrecy?
    • Matthew Blome, Contractual waiver of Article 52 ICSID: a solution to the concerns with annulment?
    • Joel Dahlquist, Beside the point—on obiter dicta in investment treaty arbitration
  • Recent Developments
    • Alexey Yadykin, Martin C. Mekat, & Noah Rubins, The Russian arbitration reform
    • Arjit Oswal & Balaji Sai Krishnan, Public policy as a ground to set aside arbitral award in India
    • Stephen R. Tully, Challenging awards before national courts for a denial of natural justice: lessons from Australia
  • Case Notes
    • Isha Jain, The legal implications of Indian parties resorting to foreign arbitration: decoding the decision in Addhar
    • Amokura Kawharu, Rehearings of jurisdiction issues: a fresh look at the judicial task