Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Issue: Human Rights & International Legal Discourse

The latest issue of Human Rights & International Legal Discourse (Vol. 10, no. 2, 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • J. Wouters, Introduction: Universality and Regional Diversity in the Human Rights Arena
  • A. Förster, The Concept of Human Rights – Dissolving the Universality- Plurality Puzzle
  • C.B. Pavese, Converging Perspectives, Cross-cutting Approaches: Assessing Voting Cohesion in UNHRC Regional Groups
  • A-L- Chané & A. Sharma, Universal Human Rights? Exploring Contestation and Consensus in the UN Human Rights Council
  • T.J. Gunn & A. Lagresa, The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation: Universal Human Rights, Islamic Values, or Raisons d’état?