Friday, May 3, 2013

Call for Papers: Imperium iuris: Governance, Trade, Resources

A call for papers has been issued for the 2013 International Law Association Regional Conference, to take place August 29-31, 2013, at the European Public Law Organization, Cape Sounion, Greece. The theme is "Imperium Juris: Governance, Trade, Resources." Here's the call:

Regional Conference 2013

Cape Sounion, Athens, 29-31 August 2013

Imperium juris: Governance, Trade, Resources

This Regional Conference, aptly taking place at the crossroads between the developed and the emerging world in times of global crisis, aims to concentrate on manifestations of the rule of law, with particular reference to Governance, Trade and Resources. These areas are at the heart of current developments on the global scene, within a framework of international regulations, multiple actors, changing patterns of authority between and within States, emerging global needs leading to a renewed attention to human rights, energy and development.

In this context, this Regional Conference will explore cutting-edge issues within each field but also questions arising from the interplay between them. Panels under the general theme of Governance will provide both the background discussion on the architecture of international law and the prospects of further development in certain areas, such as the role assigned to actors on the international scene and the shifting structures of mechanisms on the protection of human rights, financial sovereignty and dispute settlement. Panels under the general theme of Trade will explore issues related to the workings of the WTO, investment and shipping. How these faces of reality in trade project into a more comprehensive system of trade governance is the natural query arising from their parallel development and invites further reflexion. Panels under the general theme Resources will discuss new challenges pertaining to the management of shared resources, including energy and cultural resources, and their impact on sustainable development.

The Programme Committee cordially invites the submission of proposals on the themes of Governance, Trade and Resources, as set out in the concept paper of the Conference.

Proposals will be selected through a competitive process, based exclusively on the scholarly merit of proposals received. All papers accepted will be published in the electronic proceedings in the Conference website. A limited number of authors will be invited to join the panels of the main programme.

Proposals from younger scholars will be presented during the parallel 'New Voices Programme', to be assembled according to submissions accepted.

Each submission should include an abstract of the proposed presentation of no more than 700 words in English or French and a short CV in English or French. Applications should be submitted in a Word or PDF format.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Friday, 31 May 2013.

All proposals must be addressed to:

The outcome of the selection process will be notified to all applicants by Monday, 1 July 2013. Once selected, each presenter will be expected to produce a summary for the Conference website.

The proceedings of the Conference will be published in an electronic form. Selected submissions may be considered for an edited volume upon peer review.

As with all ILA Conferences, participants need to register and are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. However, we are able to provide a reduced fee for speakers.