Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Schill, Tams, & Hofmann: International Investment Law and History

Stephan W. Schill (Univ. of Amsterdam - Law), Christian J. Tams (Univ. of Glasgow - Law), & Rainer Hofmann (Univ. of Frankfurt - Law) have published International Investment Law and History (Edward Elgar Publishing 2018). Contents include:
  • Stephan W. Schill, Christian J. Tams & Rainer Hofmann, International investment law and history: An introduction
  • Andreas Kulick, Narrating narratives of international investment law: History and epistemic forces
  • Jason Yackee, The first investor-state arbitration? The Suez Canal dispute of 1864 and some reflections on the historiography of international investment law
  • Heather Bray, Understanding change: Evolution from international claims commissions to investment treaty arbitration
  • Kate Miles, History and international law: Method and mechanism ‑ empire and ‘usual’ rupture
  • Jörg Kammerhofer, The challenges of history in international investment law: A view from legal theory
  • Mona Pinchis-Paulsen, Resolving challenges to historical research: Developing a project to define fair and equitable treatment
  • Jean Ho Qing Ying, The evolution of contractual protection in international law: Accessing diplomatic archives, discovering diplomatic practice, and constructing diplomatic history
  • Yuliya Chernykh, The gust of wind: The unknown role of Sir Elihu Lauterpacht in the drafting of the Abs-Shawcross Draft Convention
  • Taylor St. John, Enriching law with political history: A case study on the creation of the ICSID Convention
  • Muin Boase, A genealogy of censurable conduct: Antecedents for an international minimum standard of investor conduct