Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Issue: International Review of the Red Cross

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (Vol. 98, no. 903, December 2016) is out. The theme is: "Detention: Addressing the human cost." Contents include:
  • Vincent Bernard, Out of Sight, out of Mind? Exposing the human cost of detention
  • Interview with Abdoulaye Kaka: General of the Police and Head of the Central Counterterrorism Agency in Niger
  • Roger Mayou, Prisoners’ objects: The collection of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
  • Andrew Coyle, Catherine Heard, & Helen Fair, Current trends and practices in the use of imprisonment
  • Megan Comfort, Tasseli McKay, Justin Landwehr, Erin Kennedy, Christine Lindquist, & Anupa Bir, The costs of incarceration for families of prisoners
  • Andrew Thompson, “Restoring hope where all hope was lost”: Nelson Mandela, the ICRC and the protection of political detainees in apartheid South Africa
  • Vincent Ballon, Overcrowding: Nobody's fault? When some struggle to survive waiting for everyone to take responsibility
  • Roy Panti Valenzuela, Glimmers of hope: A report on the Philippine Criminal Justice System
  • Julio César Magán Zevallos, Overcrowding in the Peruvian prison system
  • Jonathan Luke Austin & Riccardo Bocco, Becoming a torturer: Towards a global ergonomics of care
  • Paul Hathazy & Markus-Michael Müller, The crisis of detention and the politics of denial in Latin America
  • Rachael Bedard, Lia Metzger, & Brie Williams, Ageing prisoners: An introduction to geriatric health-care challenges in correctional facilities
  • Tilman Rodenhäuser, Strengthening IHL protecting persons deprived of their liberty: Main aspects of the consultations and discussions since 2011
  • Zelalem Mogessie Teferra, National security and the right to liberty in armed conflict: The legality and limits of security detention in international humanitarian law
  • Thomas Forster, International humanitarian law's old questions and new perspectives: On what law has got to do with armed conflict
  • Djemila Carron, When is a conflict international? Time for new control tests in IHL