Monday, February 19, 2018

Carty & Nijman: Morality and Responsibility of Rulers: European and Chinese Origins of a Rule of Law as Justice for World Order

Anthony Carty (Beijing Institute of Technology - Law) & Janne Nijman (Univ. of Amsterdam - Law) have published Morality and Responsibility of Rulers: European and Chinese Origins of a Rule of Law as Justice for World Order (Oxford Univ. Press 2018). Contents include:
  • Anthony Carty & Janne Nijman, Introduction: The Moral Responsibility of Rulers: Going Back Beyond the Liberal 'Rule of Law' for World Order
  • Joseph Canning, The Universal Rule of Law in the Thought of the Late Medieval Jurists of Roman and Canon Law
  • Susan Longfield Karr, 'The Law of Nations is Common to all Mankind': Jus gentium in Humanist Jurisprudence
  • Andrew RC Simpson, 'Cleare as is the Summers Sunne'? Scottish Perspectives on Legal Learning, Parliamentary Power and the English Royal Succession
  • Xavier Tubau, Humanism, the Bible, and Erasmus' Moral World Order
  • Anthony Pagden, Legislating for the 'Whole World that is, in a Sense, a Commonwealth': Conquest, Occupation, and the Obligation to 'Defend the Innocent'
  • Anthony Carty, Cardinal Richelieu between Vattel and Machiavelli
  • John Witte Jr., The Universal Rule of Natural Law and Written Constitutions in the Thought of Johannes Althusius
  • Christoph Stumpf, Hugo Grotius and the Universal Rule of Law
  • Peter Goodrich, Aquatopia: Lines of Amity and Laws of the Sea
  • Janne Nijman, A Universal Rule of Law for a Pluralist World Order: Leibniz's Universal Jurisprudence and his Praise of the Chinese Ruler
  • Aihe Wang, Moral Rulership and World Order in Ancient Chinese Cosmology
  • Chun-chieh Huang, 'Humane Governance' as the Moral Responsibility of Rulers in East Asian Confucian Political Philosophy
  • Hu Henan, Bridging the Western and Eastern Traditions: A Comparative Study of the Legal Thoughts of Hugo Grotius and Lao Zi
  • Emily Cheung & Maranatha Fung, The Hazards of Translating Wheaton's 'Elements of International Law' into Chinese: Cultures of World Order Lost in Translation
  • Tian Tao, Chinese Intellectuals' Discourse of International Law in the Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century
  • Patrick Sze-lok Leung & Anthony Carty, The Crisis of the Ryukyus 1877-1882: Confucian World Order Challenged and Defeated by Western/Japanese Imperial International Law
  • Anna Baka and Lucy Qi, Lost in Translation in the Sino-French War in Vietnam: From Western International Law to Confucian Legal Semantics: A Comparative-Critical Analysis of Chinese, French, and American Archives
  • Patrick Sze-Lok Keung & Bijun Xu, The Sino-Japanese War and the Collapse of the Qing and Confucian World Order in the Face of Japanese Imperialism and European Acquiescence
  • Jing Tan & Anthony Carty, Confucianism and Western International Law in 1900: Li Hongzhang and Sir Ernest Satow Compared: The Case Study of the Crisis of Russia in Manchuria 1900-1