Thursday, February 22, 2018

Froehlich: A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty

Annette Froehlich (European Space Policy Institute) has published A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty (Springer 2018). Contents include:
  • Gordon Chung, Emergence of Environmental Protection Clauses in Outer Space Treaty: A Lesson from the Rio Principles
  • Giulia Pavesi, Legal Consequences of Environmental Pollution in Outer Space
  • Alexander Gairiseb, Intentional Destruction of Satellites in Relation to International Peace and Security
  • Eduardo Bressel Baratto, Peacekeeping Operations in Outer Space: Contradictions in Article IV of the Outer Space Treaty
  • Matteo Frigoli, Wild Military Operations in Outer Space: A Sword of Damocles Hanging over the Future of Space Environment and Space Activities
  • Zach Miller, Space Settlement and the Celestial Subjectivity Model: Shifting Our Legal Perspective of the Universe
  • Maria Baczyńska-Wilkowska, Outer Space Treaty During Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Valentin Degrange, Into the Twenty-First Century: Integration of Principles of Global Governance in Space Law