Monday, November 27, 2017

Koskenniemi, García-Salmones Rovira, & Amorosa: International Law and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Martti Koskenniemi (Univ. of Helsinki - Law), Mónica García-Salmones Rovira (Univ. of Helsinki - Law), & Paolo Amorosa (Univ. of Helsinki - Erik Castren Institute of International Law and Human Rights) have published International Law and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Oxford Univ. Press 2017). Contents include:
  • Martti Koskenniemi, International Law and Religion
  • Sarah Mortimer, Law, justice, and charity in a divided christendom : 1500-1625
  • Pia Valenzuela, Between Scylla and Charybdis: Aquinas's political thought and his notion of natural law and Ius Gentium
  • Mary M. Keys, Religion, empire, and law among nations in The City of God: from the Salamanca School to Augustine, and back again
  • Janne E. Nijman, Grotius' Imago Dei Anthropology: Grounding Ius Naturae et Gentium
  • Ofir Haivry, John Selden and the Jewish Religious Fountainhead of the International law of the sea
  • John Haskell, The religion/secularism debate in human rights literature: constitutive tensions between Christiam, Islamic, and secular perpectives
  • Mónica García-Salmones Rovira, Natural rights in Albert the great: beyond objective and subjective divides
  • Pasquale Annicchino, The past is never dead: Christian anti-internationalism and human rights
  • Pamela Slotte, Whose justice? What political theology? On Christian and theological approaches to human rights in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries
  • Moussa Abou Ramadan, Muslim jurists' criteria for the division of the world into Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam
  • Nahed Samour, From imperial to dissident: approaches to territory in Islamic International law
  • Reut Yael Paz, 'If I forget thee, O Jerusalem': religion, International law, and Jerusalem
  • Ileana M. Porras, The doctrine of the providential function of commerce in International law: idealizing trade
  • Immi Tallgren, The faith in humanity and International criminal law
  • Michele Nicoletti, Religion and empire: Carl Schmitt's Katechon between International relations and the philosophy of history
  • Elena Paris, International law-making and metaphysical foundations of universality: retrieving an alternative metaphysics
  • Paul W. Kahn, The law of nations at the origin of American law
  • Paolo Amorosa, Messianic visions of the United States: International law, religion, and the Cuban intervention, 1898-1917