Sunday, November 26, 2017

Chesterman: How 'Public' is Public International Law?

Simon Chesterman (National Univ. of Singapore - Law) has posted How 'Public' is Public International Law? Towards a Typology of NGOs and Civil Society Actors. Here's the abstract:
How “public” is public international law? Despite its natural law origins, international law has long privileged the role of the state. Today, NGOs and civil society actors play an increasingly important role — offering a voice for the disenfranchised through their advocacy, and a helping hand for the disadvantaged through their operations. Calls for accountability of these actors are understandable, but often founder on their diversity. This paper therefore develops a typology of such actors, based on their activities and their drivers. That typology better reflects the reasons for and circumstances in which accountability is appropriate. In addition, it suggests a possible evolution in the international order where the status of an actor (state, intergovernmental organization, NGO, etc) is less important than its function.