Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rothe, Meernik, & Ingadóttir: The Realities of the International Criminal Justice System

Dawn Rothe (Old Dominion Univ.), James Meernik (Univ. of North Texas), & Thordis Ingadóttir (Reykjavik Univ.) have published The Realities of the International Criminal Justice System (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2013). Contents include:
  • Alette Smeulers, Barbora Hola & Tom van den Berg: Sixty-Five Years of International Criminal Justice: The Facts and Figures
  • Stephan Parmentier & Elmar Weitekamp, Punishing Perpetrators or Seeking Truth for Victims: Serbian Opinions on Dealing with War Crimes
  • Kenneth A. Rodman, Justice is Interventionist: The Political Sources of the Judicial Reach of the Special Court for Sierra Leone
  • Giorgia Tortora, The Financing of the Special Tribunals for Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Lebanon
  • Cedric Ryngaert, State Cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
  • Rosa Aloisi, A Tale of Two Institutions: The United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal Court
  • James Meernik, Justice, Power and Peace: Conflicting Interests and the Apprehension of ICC Suspects
  • Dawn Rothe & Victoria Collins, The International Criminal Court: A Pipe Dream to End Impunity?
  • Isabella Bueno & Andrea Diaz Rozas, Which Approach to Justice in Colombia under the Era of the ICC
  • Steven C. Roach, Multilayered Justice in Northern Uganda: ICC Intervention and Local Procedures of Accountability
  • Jonathan O’Donohue, Financing the International Criminal Court
  • Mark Findlay, Enunciating Genocide: Crime, Rights and the Impact of Judicial Intervention
  • James Meernik, Public Support for the International Criminal Court