Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Issue: Ethics & International Affairs

The latest issue of Ethics & International Affairs (Vol. 27, no. 3, Fall 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Essay
    • Richard Schiffman, Hunger, Food Security, and the African Land Grab
  • Policy Brief
    • Frances Moore Lappé, Jennifer Clapp, Molly Anderson, Robin Broad, Ellen Messer, Thomas Pogge & Timothy Wise, How We Count Hunger Matters
  • Nonproliferation in the Twenty-First Century
    • J. Bryan Hehir, Nonproliferation: A Global Issue for a Global Ethic
    • Jacques E. C. Hymans, The Threat of Nuclear Proliferation: Perception and Reality
    • Nina Tannenwald, Justice and Fairness in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
    • Ward Wilson, The Gordian Knot: Moral Debate and Nuclear Weapons
  • Feature
    • Campbell Craig & Jan Ruzicka, The Nonproliferation Complex