Friday, July 3, 2009

Sands & Klein: Bowett's Law of International Institutions (6th edition)

Philippe Sands & Pierre Klein have published the sixth edition of Bowett's Law of International Institutions (Sweet & Maxwell 2009). Here's the abstract:

Bowett's Law of International Institutions is the leading introduction to this complex, important and growing area of international law, with increasing significance for developments at the national level. Covering all the major global, regional and judicial institutions and all international organisations that regulate aspects of development and providing an introductory overview of the law of international organisations, including international courts and tribunals as a whole.

The book offers a basic framework, insights into some of the more essential issues, and indications of where to find more detail. Bowett's is essential reading for students of international law and international relations and will also be of considerable interest to lawyers practising in the area.