Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Conference: The ICJ's First Judgment: A Landmark for International Law

On October 29, 2009, the Australian National University College of Law will host a conference on "The ICJ's First Judgment: A Landmark for International Law - The Continued Relevance of the Corfu Channel Case 60 Years On." The program is available here. Here's the idea:
Sixty years ago, the International Court of Justice handed down its first judgment in the Corfu Channel Case. Many of the issues dealt with by the Court in 1949 remain central questions of international law today, including: due diligence, forcible intervention and self-help, maritime operations, navigation in international straits and the concept of elementary considerations of humanity. The Court’s decision has been cited on numerous occasions both in the literature and in international litigation. Indeed, the relevance of this judgment goes far beyond the subject matter dealt with by the Court in 1949, extending to pressing problems such as trans-boundary pollution, terrorism or piracy. In short, it was and remains a thoroughly modern decision—a landmark for international law; and one which today needs to be revisited.