Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Symposium: Global Constitutionalism - Process and Substance

The latest issue of the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (Vol. 16, no. 2, Summer 2009) contains a symposium on "Global Constitutionalism - Process and Substance." Contents include:
  • Anne Peters & Klaus Armingeon, Introduction - Global Constitutionalism from an Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • Anne Peters, The Merits of Global Constitutionalism
  • Karolina Milewicz, Emerging Patterns of Global Constitutionalization: Toward a Conceptual Framework
  • Beth Simmons, Civil Rights in International Law: Compliance with Aspects of the "International Bill of Rights"
  • Anne van Aaken, Defragmentation of Public International Law Through Interpretation: A Methodological Proposal
  • Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, International Rule of Law and Constitutional Justice in International Investment Law and Arbitration
  • André Nollkaemper, Constitutionalization and the Unity of the Law of International Responsibility
  • Daniel Bodansky, Is There an International Environmental Constitution?
  • Andreas Føllesdal, When Common Interests Are Not Common: Why the Global Basic Structure Should Be Democratic
  • Petra Dobner, On the Constitutionability of Global Public Policy Networks
  • Alec Stone Sweet, Constitutionalism, Legal Pluralism, and International Regimes
  • Thomas Cottier, Multilayered Governance, Pluralism, and Moral Conflict