Thursday, July 2, 2009

Roach: Governance, Order, and the International Criminal Court

Steven C. Roach (Univ. of South Florida - Government and International Affairs) has published Governance, Order, and the International Criminal Court: Between Realpolitik and a Cosmopolitan Court (Oxford Univ. Press 2009). Contents include:
  • Steven C. Roach, Introduction: Global Governance in Context
  • Charles A. Smith & Heather M. Smith, Embedded Realpolitik? Re-evaluating United States' Opposition to the International Criminal Court
  • Eric K. Leonard & Steven C. Roach, From Realism to Legalization: A Rationalist Assessment of the International Criminal Court and its Role in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Caroline Fehl, Explaining the International Criminal Court: A Practice Test for Rationalist and Constructivist Approaches
  • Michael J. Struett, The Politics of Discursive Legitimacy: Understanding the Implications of Prosecutorial Discretion at the ICC
  • Jason G. Ralph, Anarchy is What Criminal Lawyers and other Actors Make of it: International Criminal Justice as an Institution of International and World society
  • Patrick Hayden, Political Evil, Cosmopolitan Realism, and the Normative Ambivalence of the International Criminal Court
  • Antonio Franceschet, Four Cosmopolitan Projects: the International Criminal Court in Context
  • Amy E. Eckert, The Cosmopolitan Test: Universal Morality and the Challenge of the Darfur Genocide
  • Steven C. Roach, Justice of the Peace? Future Challenges and Prospects for a Cosmopolitan Court