Sunday, June 28, 2009

Symposium: University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law Anniversary

The latest issue of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law (Vol. 30, no. 4, Summer 2009) contains a symposium to celebrate its anniversary. Contents include:
  • International Litigation and Arbitration
    • Gary Born, The Principle of Judicial Non-Interference in International Arbitral Proceedings
    • Catherine A. Rogers, Lawyers Without Borders
    • David J. McLean, Toward a New International Dispute Resolution Paradigm: Assessing the Congruent Evolution of Globalization and International Arbitration
    • Jonathan C. Hamilton, Three Decades of Latin American Commercial Arbitration
  • Private International Law
    • David P. Stewart, Private International Law: A Dynamic and Developing Field
  • International Economic Law
    • Rachel Brewster, Shadow Unilateralism: Enforcing International Trade Law at the WTO
    • Luca Enriques, Regulators' Response to the Current Crisis and the Upcoming Reregulation of Financial Markets: One Reluctant Regulator's View
  • International Human Rights
    • Juan E. Méndez, The 60th Anniversary of the UDHR
    • Sarah H. Paoletti, Transnational Responses to Transnational Exploitation: A Proposal for Bi-National Migrant Rights Clinics
    • Jennifer Trahan, Reflections on the Difficulties of Enforcing International Justice
    • Christina M. Cerna, Reflections on the Normative Status of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man
  • International Criminal Law
    • Eric H. Blinderman, The Conviction of Saddam Hussein for the Crime Against Humanity of "Other Inhumane Acts"
    • David M. Crane, A Wrong on Humanity: Prevention of Crimes Against Humanity
    • David Tolbert, International Criminal Law: Past and Future
  • Use of Force
    • Michael Bahar, Power through Clarity: How Clarifying the Old State-Based Laws Can Reveal the Strategic Power of Law
    • Amos N. Guiora, International Law: Where Have We Been; Where Are We Going?
    • David Glazier, Missing in Action? United States Leadership in the Law of War
    • Geoffrey S. Corn, Back to the Future: de facto Hostilities, Transnational Terrorism, and the Purpose of the Law of Armed Conflict
    • Glenn Sulmasy, Executive Power: The Last Thirty Years
    • Dan E. Stigall, Christopher L. Blakesley, & Chris Jenks, Human Rights and Military Decisions: Counterinsurgency and Trends in the Law of International Armed Conflict