Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nordquist, Long, Heidar, & Moore: Law, Science, and Ocean Management

Myron H. Nordquist (Univ. of Virginia - Center for Oceans Law and Policy), Ronán Long (National Univ. of Ireland, Galway - Law), Tomas H. Heidar (Legal Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iceland) & John Norton Moore (Univ. of Virginia - Law) have published Law, Science & Ocean Management (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2007). Contents include:
  • Joe Borg, The Green Paper on a Future Holistic Maritime Policy for the European Union and the Law of the Sea
  • Patricio A. Bernal, Observations and Knowledge of the Oceans: Marine Scientific Research, the Transfer of Marine Technology and Capacity Building
  • Satya N. Nandan, The International Seabed Authority and its Promotion of Marine Scientific Research
  • Rory Brady, The European Community and Environmental Protection
  • Peter Heffernan, Perspectives on Marine Scientific Research
  • Alfred H.A. Soons, The Legal Regime of Marine Scientific Research: Current Issues
  • S.M. Garcia, The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries: On the Way to Implementation
  • Poul Degnbol, Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management in Europe
  • Michael P. Crosby, Improving International Relations through Marine Science Partnerships
  • Ronán Long, Marine Science Capacity Building and Technology Transfer: Rights and Duties go Hand in Hand under the 1982 UNCLOS
  • David Freestone, Capacity Building and the Implementation of the Law of the Sea Convention: A View from the World Bank
  • Arial W. González, Cutting a Gordian Knot?: Towards a Practical and Realistic Scheme for the Transfer of Marine Technology
  • Vladimir Golitsyn, Capacity Building: A View from the United Nations
  • Guifang Xue, Capacity Building for Integrated Ocean Management: A Chinese Perspective
  • Paul Kelly, Marine Science and Policy: Continental Shelf Petroleum Development
  • Stefán Ássmundsson, Whaling
  • George Taft, Applying the Law of the Sea Convention and the Role of the Scientific Community relating to Establishing the Outer Limit of the Continental Shelf where it extends beyond the 200 Mile Limit
  • Igor Vio & Mira Lulić, Extension of the Jurisdiction of the Republic of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea
  • David Anderson, Scientific Evidence in Cases under Part XV of the LOSC
  • Alan Boyle, Forum Shopping for UNCLOS Disputes relating to Marine Scientific Research
  • J. Ashley Roach, Defining Scientific Research: Marine Data Collection
  • Aldo Chircop, Advances in Ocean Knowledge and Skill: Implications for the MSR Regime
  • Erik Jaap Molenaar, Managing Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
  • Margaret F. Hayes, Charismatic Microfauna: Marine Genetic Resources and the Law of the Sea
  • K.L. Cochrane, Marine Protected Areas as Management Measures: Tools or Toys?
  • Ferdinand Millicay, A Legal Regime for the Biodiversity of the Area