Monday, August 13, 2007

Byttebier & Van der Borght: WTO Obligations and Opportunities: Challenges of Implementation

Koen Byttebier (Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Law) & Kim Van der Borght (Univ. of Hull - Law) have published WTO Obligations and Opportunities: Challenges of Implementation (Cameron May 2007). Contents include:
  • William J. Davey, The World Trade Organization at 10: Successes and Challenges
  • Jan Wouters, & Dominic Coppens, Domestic Regulation within the Framework of GATS
  • Samer Fares & Koen Byttebier, The EU Liberalisation of Financial Services: the EC Obligations in Comparison to the GATS Commitments
  • Sandrine Maljean-Dubois & Émilie Etchelar, World Trade and International Normalisations: Codex Alimentarius
  • Katia Bodard, Katia The Impact on National Environmental Policy of TBT Rules
  • Jonathan Goldsmith, Liberalisation of Legal Professions and Services: a View from the CCBE
  • Katarzyma Gromek-Broc, Towards a Transnational Legal Order for Lawyers in the Light of Globaliasation, the WTO's Achievements and the EU Single Market
  • André Bywater, Trading in Chemicals and Substances within the WTO Framework: Barriers to Trade or Legitimate Regulation?
  • Lode Van den Hende, The EC as a Collective Member of the WTO: what Role for the European Courts
  • John Grayston, Too Good to use: Comments on the Application of Safeguard Measures in the Light of the Recent Investigations into Certain Steel Products
  • Juan Yu, International Trade in Textiles: Challenges for China
  • Sai Sai Wang, China and the WTO Anti-dumping Agreement: Challenges of a Developing Market Economy
  • Ragunath Aananthapur, TRIPs & Traditional Knowledge: Fighting a Losing Battle: an Indian Perspective
  • Ravindra Pratap, India and DSU Reform Negotiations: a Critical Appraisal
  • Servaas van Thiel, The General Agreement on Trade in Services and Income Taxation
  • Farkhanda Zia Mansoor, Assessing Tools to end Child Labour: Domestic Implementation or External Enforcement?
  • Markus Burianski, Is there a Role for the WTO in the Conflict between Globalisation and the Protection of Social Norms?