Wednesday, June 17, 2020

New Issue: Review of International Studies

The latest issue of the Review of International Studies (Vol. 46, no. 3, July 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Forum: Thinking With Gender: Feminist Methodologies Of International Relations
    • Helen M. Kinsella & Laura J. Shepherd, The ‘brutal fecundity of violence’: Feminist methodologies of International Relations
    • Elisabeth Prügl, Feminist methodology between theory and praxis
    • Jane Parpart, Rethinking silence, gender, and power in insecure sites: Implications for feminist security studies in a postcolonial world
    • Anne Sisson Runyan, Conceptus interruptus: Forestalling sureties about violence and feminism
    • Shine Choi, Redressing international problems: North Korean nuclear politics
    • Cristina Masters & Marysia Zalewski, Reflections on the forum in the Review of International Studies: A conversation between Cristina Masters and Marysia Zalewski
  • Research Articles
    • David Duriesmith & Sara Meger, Returning to the root: Radical feminist thought and feminist theories of International Relations
    • Sebastian Schindler, The task of critique in times of post-truth politics
    • Laura Pantzerhielm, Anna Holzscheiter, & Thurid Bahr, Power in relations of international organisations: The productive effects of ‘good’ governance norms in global health