Saturday, June 20, 2020

New Issue: International Studies Quarterly

The latest issue of the International Studies Quarterly (Vol. 64, no. 2, June 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Cameron G Thies, Multiple Identities and Scholarship in International Studies: 2019 ISA Presidential Address
  • Jessica Kirk, From Threat to Risk? Exceptionalism and Logics of Health Security
  • Sara E Davies & Sophie Harman, Securing Reproductive Health: A Matter of International Peace and Security
  • Vera Mironova, Karam Alhamad, & Sam Whitt, Rebel Group Attrition and Reversion to Violence: Micro-Level Evidence from Syria
  • Christian Oswald, Melanie Sauter, Sigrid Weber, & Rob Williams, Under the Roof of Rebels: Civilian Targeting After Territorial Takeover in Sierra Leone
  • Andrea Michelle Morris, Who Wants to Be a Suicide Bomber? Evidence from Islamic State Recruits
  • Christian Ambrosius & David A Leblang, Exporting Murder: US Deportations and the Spread of Violence
  • Deniz Cil & Alyssa K Prorok, Selling Out or Standing Firm? Explaining the Design of Civil War Peace Agreements
  • Zhiyuan Wang, Thinking outside the Box: Globalization, Labor Rights, and the Making of Preferential Trade Agreements
  • Sara Norrevik, Trust and Support for Comprehensive Trade Agreements in the European Parliament
  • Roel Dom & Lionel Roger, Debt or Alive: Burundi's Fiscal Response to Economic Sanctions
  • David H Bearce & Samantha L Moya, Why is the Mass Public Not More Supportive of Free Trade? Evidence from the United States
  • Therese Anders, Christopher J Fariss, & Jonathan N Markowitz, Bread Before Guns or Butter: Introducing Surplus Domestic Product (SDP)
  • Patrick Shea & Paul Poast, Leaders and Default
  • Martin Binder & Jonathan Golub, Civil Conflict and Agenda-Setting Speed in the United Nations Security Council
  • Benjamin Faude & Felix Groβe-Kreul, Let's Justify! How Regime Complexes Enhance the Normative Legitimacy of Global Governance
  • Hayley Walker & Katja Biedenkopf, Why Do Only Some Chairs Act as Successful Mediators? Trust in Chairs of Global Climate Negotiations
  • Marlies Glasius, Jelmer Schalk, & Meta De Lange, Illiberal Norm Diffusion: How Do Governments Learn to Restrict Nongovernmental Organizations?
  • Glenn Palmer, Vito D'Orazio, Michael R Kenwick, & Roseanne W McManus, Updating the Militarized Interstate Dispute Data: A Response to Gibler, Miller, and Little
  • Douglas M Gibler, Steven V Miller, & Erin K Little, The Importance of Correct Measurement: A Response to Palmer, et al
  • Glenn Palmer, Vito D'Orazio, Michael R Kenwick, & Roseanne W McManus, The Militarized Interstate Dispute Dataset: Putting Things in Perspective
  • Neil Narang & Brad L LeVeck, Stylized Facts and Comparative Statics in (Social) Science Inquiry