Monday, November 10, 2014

New Issue: Review of International Political Economy

The latest issue of the Review of International Political Economy (Vol. 21, no. 6, 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Elisabeth Prügl & Jacqui True, Equality means business? Governing gender through transnational public-private partnerships
  • Eddy S. Fang, Islamic finance in global markets: Materialism, ideas and the construction of financial knowledge
  • Matthias Thiemann, In the Shadow of Basel: How Competitive Politics Bred the Crisis
  • Barbara Sennholz-Weinhardt, Regulatory competition as a social fact: Constructing and contesting the threat of hedge fund managers’ relocation from Britain
  • Matthias Ecker-Ehrhardt, Why parties politicise international institutions: On globalisation backlash and authority contestation
  • Lisa Kastner, ‘Much ado about nothing?’ Transnational civil society, consumer protection and financial regulatory reform
  • Kaoru Natsuda & John Thoburn, How much policy space still exists under the WTO? A comparative study of the automotive industry in Thailand and Malaysia