Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Issue: Global Policy

The latest issue of Global Policy (Vol. 5, no. 4, November 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Research Articles
    • Conor Gearty, The State of Human Rights
    • Michael Bohlander, Criminalising LGBT Persons Under National Criminal Law and Article 7(1)(h) and (3) of the ICC Statute
    • J. Juan Masullo & Bajo Jone Lauzurika, Bringing the ‘New Wars’ Debate Back on Track: Building on Critiques, Identifying Opportunities, and Moving Forward
  • Survey Article
    • Denise Garcia, Global Norms on Arms: The Significance of the Arms Trade Treaty for Global Security in World Politics
  • Special Section - The Arms Trade Treaty and Global Civil Society
    • Matthew Bolton, Helena Whall, Allison Pytlak, Hector Guerra & Katelyn E. James, The Arms Trade Treaty from a Global Civil Society Perspective: Introducing Global Policy's Special Section
    • Matthew Bolton & Katelyn E. James, Nascent Spirit of New York or Ghost of Arms Control Past?: The Normative Implications of the Arms Trade Treaty for Global Policymaking
    • Helena Whall & Allison Pytlak, The Role of Civil Society in the International Negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty
    • Matthew Bolton, Héctor Guerra, Ray Acheson & Oliver Sprague, The Road Forward for the Arms Trade Treaty: A Civil Society Practitioner Commentary
  • Practitioner Commentaries
    • Ioana Cismas, The Right to Food Beyond De-Mythification: Time to Shed the Inferiority Complex of Socio-Economic Rights
    • Michael Chibba, Globalization and International Business as Interdependent Phenomena
    • Anna Simpson, Brands Weigh Up Their Social Role
  • Practitioners' Special Section - International Education - Students and Domestic Policy Challenges
    • Brian Stoddart, International Education: The Hard Edge of Soft Power
    • Dean Forbes, International University Campuses and the Knowledge Economy: The University City Project in Adelaide
    • Simon Fraser, The Role for Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Donor Agencies in Developing Economies
  • Response to Articles
    • Zhonglu Zeng, Capital Controls: Economic Models and Contingency Strategies
    • Dražen Derado, Is There an Alternative to the Present Model of Economic Governance of the Eurozone?
  • Review Essay
    • Richard Beardsworth, Whither Global Governance?