Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bantekas & Mylonaki: Criminological Approaches to International Criminal Law

Ilias Bantekas (Brunel Univ. - Law) & Emmanouela Mylonaki (South Bank Univ. - Law) have published Criminological Approaches to International Criminal Law (Cambridge Univ. Press 2014). Contents include:
  • Ilias Bantekas, Introduction: an interdisciplinary criminology of international criminal law
  • Andy Aitchison, Criminological theory and international crimes: examining the potential
  • The relevance and application of empirical research methods to the study of international crimes Emmanouela Mylonaki
  • Kristian Lasslett, Understanding and responding to state crime: a criminological perspective
  • Jonathan Rusch, Investigating complex crime
  • Dermot Groome, Evidence in cases of mass criminality
  • Brian Cutler, Roderick Lindsay & Andrew Smith, Eyewitness psychology in the context of international criminal law
  • Dionysios Demetis, The role of information systems in the prevention and detection of transnational and international crime
  • Olaoluwa Olusanya, Using the macro-micro integrated theoretical model to understand the dynamics of collective violence
  • Ilias Bantekas, The anthropological dimension of international crimes and international criminal justice
  • Henrik Anckarsäter, Tova Bennet, Thomas Nilsson & Susanna Radovic, Mental health and international crimes
  • Jeffrey Stevenson Murer, Understanding collective violence: the communicative and performative qualities of violence in acts of belonging
  • Jo-Anne M. Wemmers & Amissi Manirabona, Defining victims: a proposed typology for victims of war crimes and their need for reparation