Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Issue: Human Rights Review

The latest issue of the Human Rights Review (Vol. 15, no. 4, December 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Walter J. Riker, Human Rights Without Political Participation?
  • Attilio Pisanò, Human Rights and Sovereignty in the ASEAN Path Towards a Human Rights Declaration
  • Julie Harrelson-Stephens & Rhonda L. Callaway, You Say You Want a Revolution: the Arab Spring, Norm Diffusion, and the Human Rights Regime
  • Barbara Ann Rieffer-Flanagan, Democratic Dreams Neglected in the Land of the Pharaohs: US Democracy Assistance in Egypt
  • Ahmed Shahid, Ageing with Dignity: Old-Age Pension Schemes from the Perspective of the Right to Social Security Under ICESCR
  • Sergey Y. Marochkin & Galina A. Nelaeva, Rape and Sexual Violence as Torture and Genocide in the Decisions of International Tribunals: Transjudicial Networks and the Development of International Criminal Law