Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sacerdoti: General Interests of Host States in International Investment Law

Giorgio Sacerdoti (Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi - Law) has published General Interests of Host States in International Investment Law (Cambridge Univ. Press 2014). Contents include:
  • Giorgio Sacerdoti, The application of BITs in time of economic crisis: limits to their coverage, necessity and the relevance of WTO law
  • Mara Valenti, The protection of general interests of host states in the application of the fair and equitable treatment standard
  • Anna De Luca, Indirect expropriations and regulatory takings: what role for the 'legitimate expectations' of foreign investors?
  • Friedl Weiss, Trade and investment law: what relations?
  • Jurgen Kurtz, On the evolution and slow convergence of international trade and investment law
  • Michele Barbieri, Sovereign wealth funds as protected investors under BITs and the safeguard of the national security of host states
  • Pia Acconci, The integration of non-investment concerns as an opportunity for the modernization of international investment law: is a multilateral approach desirable?
  • Antonietta Di Blasé, Intellectual property protection in investment agreements and public concerns
  • Agostina Latino, Up-keeping non-economic values in development assistance. Does the World Bank practice what it preaches? Answers from the Inspection Panel
  • Martina Guidi, The protection of indigenous peoples concerns in the World Bank-funded projects
  • Paola Mariani, The future of BITs between EU member states: are intra-EU BITs compatible with the internal market?
  • Elsa Milanesi, European Union restrictions to the free movement of capital vs. BITs guarantees: learning from the European Court of Justice case law
  • Alessando Perfetti, Ensuring the consistency of the EU investment policy within the EU external action: the relevance of non-trade values
  • Emanuela Pistoia, Non-financial concerns in the lending policy of the European Investment Bank in context
  • Claudio Dordi, The protection of general interests of host states in regional agreements in the Asia-Pacific area
  • Arno Dal Ri & Paulo De Alcântara Veloso, Domestic policies and international investment agreements in MERCOSUR countries
  • Federico Ortino & Domenico Di Pietro, Italy's treaty practice and case law: what balance between investors' protection and general interests of states?
  • Matilde Recanati, Diplomatic intervention and state-to-state arbitration as alternative means for the protection of foreign investments and host states' general interests: the Italian experience