Monday, May 19, 2014

Lee: China and International Law in the 21st Century: Volume I Rising Dragon

Eric Yong Joong Lee (YIJUN Institute of International Law; Dongguk Univ. - Law) has published China and International Law in the 21st Century: Volume I Rising Dragon (YIJUN Press 2013). Contents include:
  • Yongmin Bian, Legal Autonomy of Tibet: A Chinese Lawyer's Perspective
  • Mincai Yu, China's Position on the Proliferation Security Initiative and Its Reappraisal
  • Lijiang Zhu, The Right of Ethnic Minorities to Free Interpretation in Criminal Proceedings under International Law: With Special Reference to China
  • Hui Wu & Dan Zhang, Territorial Issues on the East China Sea: A Chinese Position
  • Manjiao Chi, Finding out the' Achilles'Heels': Piracy Suppression under International Law and Chinese Law
  • Junwu Pan, Territorial Dispute between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea: A Chinese Lawyer's Perspective
  • Zewei Yang, The Present and Future of the Sino-South Korean Fisheries Dispute: A Chinese Lawyer's Perspective
  • Xiaoqin Zhu & Lin Dong, Legal Remedies for Marine Ecological Damage in China: As Illustrated by the Tasman Sea Oil Spills Case
  • Xiaoyi Jiang & Fahui Hao, Legal Issues for Implementing the Clean Development Mechanism in China
  • Congyan Cai, Human Rights Conditionality in International Economic Relations: A Chinese Lawyer's Perspective
  • Liang Zhang, Unprecedented RTA Practices between the Customs Territories of China
  • Zhichao Chen, The Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement: Deliberation on Economic, Political and Legal Aspects
  • Huan Qi, Investment Law in the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement
  • Zhongfa Ma & Yan Zhang, TRIPs Agreement and Enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights in China
  • Part V: Civil Aviation and Space Development
  • Yu Gong, U.S.-E.U. Open Skies Deal and Its Implication for the Liberalization of International Air Transport Services: A Chinese Perspective
  • Yun Zhao, Disaster Management and the Tampere Convention
  • Yun Zhao, The Way Forward for Promoting Awareness of Space Law in Asia: A Proposal for Institutional Capacity Building
  • Yan Ling, Prevention of Outer Space Weaponization under International Law: A Chinese Lawyer's Perspective
  • Zhengxin Huo, Reshaping Private International Law in China: The Statutory Reform of Tort Conflicts