Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Issue: International Affairs

The latest issue of International Affairs (Vol. 90, no. 3, May 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • British foreign policy and the national interest
    • Timothy Edmunds, Jamie Gaskarth, & Robin Porter, Introduction: British foreign policy and the national interest
    • Alexander Evens, Organizing for British national strategy
    • Tomothy Edmunds, Complexity, strategy and the national interest
    • Jonathan Gilmore, The uncertain merger of values and interests in UK foreign policy
    • Jamie Gaskarth, Strategizing Britain's role in the world
  • John R. Deni, Maintaining transatlantic strategic, operational and tactical interoperability in an era of austerity
  • Nick Ritchie, Waiting for Kant: devaluing and delegitimizing nuclear weapons
  • John Borrie, Humanitarian reframing of nuclear weapons and the logic of a ban
  • Catherine Jefferson, Origins of the norm against chemical weapons
  • David B. Roberts, British national interest in the Gulf: rediscovering a role?
  • Andrew M. Dorman, More than a storm in a teacup: the defence and security implications of Scottish independence