Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Issue: Review of International Studies

The latest issue of the Review of International Studies (Vol. 40, no. 3, July 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • William E. Scheuerman, Cosmopolitanism and the world state
  • Martin J. Bayly, The ‘re-turn’ to empire in IR: colonial knowledge communities and the construction of the idea of the Afghan polity, 1809–38
  • Mark Langan, A moral economy approach to Africa-EU ties: the case of the European Investment Bank
  • George E. Mitchell & Hans Peter Schmitz, Principled instrumentalism: a theory of transnational NGO behaviour
  • Caroline Fehl, Unequal power and the institutional design of global governance: the case of arms control
  • Simon Koschut, Emotional (security) communities: the significance of emotion norms in inter-allied conflict management
  • Ryan Griffiths, Secession and the invisible hand of the international system
  • Il Hyun Cho & Seo-Hyun Park, Domestic legitimacy politics and varieties of regionalism in East Asia
  • Bruno Charbonneau, The imperial legacy of international peacebuilding: the case of Francophone Africa