Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Issue: Journal of World Trade

The latest issue of the Journal of World Trade (Vol. 46, no. 3, June 2012) is out. Contents include:
  • Patrick Low, Gabrielle Marceau, & Julia Reinaud, The Interface between the Trade and Climate Change Regimes: Scoping the Issues
  • Brian Bieron & Usman Ahmed, Regulating E-commerce through International Policy: Understanding the International Trade Law Issues of E-commerce
  • Nicolas Péridy & Nathalie Roux, Why are the Trade Gains from the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership so Small?
  • Vera Thorstensen, Emerson Marçal, & Lucas Ferraz, Exchange Rate Misalignments and International Trade Policy: Impacts on Tariffs
  • Dukgeun Ahn, Third Country Dumping: Origin, Evolution and Prospect
  • Rajnish Kumar Rai, Parallel Imports and Unparallel Laws: Does the WTO Need to Harmonize the Parallel Import Law?
  • Robert T. Kudrle, Governing Economic Globalization: The Pioneering Experience of the OECD
  • Bart De Meester, Liberalization of Financial Flows and Trade in Financial Services under the GATS