Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Blog: Arms Control Law

Dan Joyner (Univ. of Alabama - Law) has begun a new blog - Arms Control Law. Dan describes the idea as follows:

I am thrilled to announce the launching of a new blog, www.armscontrollaw.com As the name suggests, this blog will be devoted to discussion and analysis of arms control law subjects. The team of bloggers are all arms control legal experts, with a wide range of expertise covering all CBRN and delivery means technologies.

I wanted to start this blog because all of the current blogs in the arms control area focus on either technical or politics/policy views of arms control. There hasn't been a blog that provides a serious forum for rigorous discussion of legal issues relative to arms control, by arms control legal experts - until now!

The team of core bloggers at www.armscontrollaw.com is:

Professor Dan Joyner, University of Alabama School of Law

Dr. Marco Roscini, University of Westminster Faculty of Law

Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont, Rochelois, Besins & Associe

Dr. Zeray Yihdego, Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Law

Professor Eric Myjer, University of Utrecht Faculty of Law

Professor David Fidler, University of Indiana School of Law

Professor Barry Kellman, DePaul University College of Law

Professor Dieter Fleck, Formerly of the German Ministry of Defense

Professor James Fry, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law

We will also be joined from time to time by guest bloggers.

There is already a lot of content up on the blog - a post on the recent Moscow meeting between Iran and the P5+1; a post on the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations, which are of course happening right now; a post on the proposed WMD-free-zone in the Middle East; and much more! We plan to add posts regularly and keep this a dynamic, useful, and interesting site.

I hope you will check it out.