Tuesday, October 18, 2011

De Feyter et al.: The Local Relevance of Human Rights

Koen De Feyter (Universiteit Antwerpen), Stephan Parmentier (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Christiane Timmerman (Universiteit Antwerpen), & George Ulrich (Riga Graduate School of Law) have published The Local Relevance of Human Rights (Cambridge Univ. Press 2011). Contents include:
  • Koen De Feyter & Stephan Parmentier, Introduction: reconsidering human rights from below
  • Koen De Feyter, Sites of rights resistance
  • Felipe Gómez Isa, Freedom from want revisited from a local perspective: evolution and challenges ahead
  • Antonio Papisca, Relevance of human rights in the 'glocal' space of politics: how to enlarge democratic practice beyond state boundaries and build up a peaceful world order?
  • Gaby Oré Aguilar, The local relevance of human rights: a methodological approach
  • Michelle Farrell, Ensuring compliance with decisions by international and regional human rights bodies: the case of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture
  • Alicia Ely Yamin & J. Jaime Miranda, Building rights-based health movements: lessons from the Peruvian experience
  • Julie Cavanaugh-Bill, Defining human rights when economic interests are high: the case of the Western Shoshone
  • José Aylwin, Struggling to localise human rights: the experience of indigenous peoples in Chile
  • Rhuks Temitope Ako, Enforcing environmental rights under Nigeria's 1999 constitution: the localisation of human rights in the Niger Delta region
  • María del Mar Bermúdez, Manuel Calzada Plá & Lydia Vicente Márquez, Conflict resolution through cultural rights and cultural wrongs: the Kosovo example
  • George Ulrich, Epilogue: widening the perspective on the local relevance of human rights