Friday, July 15, 2011

Simms & Trim: Humanitarian Intervention: A History

Brendan Simms (Univ. of Cambridge - History) & D.J.B. Trim (Archives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church) have published Humanitarian Intervention: A History (Cambridge Univ. Press 2011). Contents include:
  • Brendan Simms & D.J.B. Trim, Towards a history of humanitarian intervention
  • D.J.B. Trim, 'If a prince use tyrannie towards his people': interventions on behalf of foreign populations in early-modern Europe
  • Andrew Thompson, The Protestant interest and the history of humanitarian intervention, c.1685–c.1756
  • Brendan Simms, 'The age of chivalry is not dead': the idea of humanitarian intervention in the era of Burke
  • John Bew, 'From an umpire to a competitor': Castlereagh, Canning and the issue of international intervention in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars
  • Abigail Green, Intervening in the Jewish question, 1840–1878
  • Davide Rodogno, The 'principles of humanity' and the European powers' intervention in Ottoman Lebanon and Syria in 1860–61
  • Matthias Schulz, The guarantees of humanity: the Concert of Europe and the origins of the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877
  • Davide Rodogno, The European powers' intervention in Macedonia, 1903–1908: an instance of humanitarian intervention?
  • Maeve Ryan, The price of legitimacy in humanitarian intervention: Britain, the European powers and the abolition of the West African slave trade, 1807–1867
  • William Mulligan, British anti-slave trade and anti-slavery policy in East Africa, Arabia, and Turkey in the late nineteenth century
  • Gideon Mailer, The origins of humanitarian intervention in Sudan: Anglo-American missionaries after 1899
  • Mike Sewell, Humanitarian intervention, democracy, and imperialism: the American war with Spain, 1898, and after
  • Thomas Probert, The innovation of the Jackson–Vanik Amendment
  • Sophie Quinn-Judge, Fraternal aid, self-defence, or self-interest? Vietnam's intervention in Cambodia (1978–1989)
  • Matthew Jamison, Humanitarian intervention since 1990 and 'liberal interventionism'
  • D.J.B. Trim, Humanitarian intervention in historical perspective