Friday, July 15, 2011

Orakhelashvili: Research Handbook on the Theory and History of International Law

Alexander Orakhelashvili (Univ. of Birmingham - Law) has published Research Handbook on the Theory and History of International Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2011). Contents include:
  • Philip Allott, Foreword
  • Alexander Orakhelashvili, The Relevance of Theory and History: The Essence and Origins of International Law
  • Alain Wijffels, Early-Modern Scholarship on International Law
  • Patrick Capps, Natural Law and the Law of Nations
  • Alexander Orakhelashvili, The Origins of Consensual Positivism – Pufendorf, Wolff, and Vattel
  • Amnon Lev, The Transformation of International Law in the 19th Century
  • Jörg Kammerhofer, Hans Kelsen’s Place in International Legal Theory
  • Iain Scobbie, “The Holiness of the Heart’s Affection”: Philip Allott’s Theory of Social Idealism
  • Frédéric Mégret, International Human Rights Law Theory
  • Robert Cryer, Theory of International Criminal Law
  • Katja S Ziegler, International Law and EU Law: Between Asymmetric Constitutionalisation and Fragmentation
  • Alexander Orakhelashvili, International Law, International Politics, and Ideology
  • William E. Butler, Periodization and International Law
  • Jean Allain, Acculturation through the Middle Ages: The Islamic Law of Nations and its Place in the History of International Law
  • Randall Lesaffer, The Classical Law of Nations (1500–1800)
  • Alexander Orakhelashvili, The 19th Century Life of International Law
  • Lauri Mälksoo, International Law between Universality and Regional Fragmentation. The Historical Case of Russia
  • Carlo Focarelli, International Law in the 20th Century