Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Issue: Human Rights Quarterly

The latest issue of the Human Rights Quarterly (Vol. 33, no. 1, February 2011) is out. Contents include:
  • Jeremy Sarkin & Mark Koenig, Developing the Right to Work: Intersecting and Dialoguing Human Rights and Economic Policy
  • Maya Sabatello, Advancing Transgender Family Rights through Science: A Proposal for an Alternative Framework
  • Bonny Ibhawoh, The Right to Development: The Politics and Polemics of Power and Resistance
  • Lena Khor, Human Rights and Network Power
  • Anna Maedl, Rape as Weapon of War in the Eastern DRC?: The Victims’ Perspective
  • Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen & Amaya Úbeda de Torres, “War” in the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
  • Barbara Oomen, Between Rights Talk and Bible Speak: The Implementation of Equal Treatment Legislation in Orthodox Reformed Communities in The Netherlands
  • Surya P. Subedi, Protection of Human Rights through the Mechanism of UN Special Rapporteurs