Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cannizzaro: The Law of Treaties Beyond the Vienna Convention

Enzo Cannizzaro (Univ. of Roma "La Sapienza" - Law) has published The Law of Treaties Beyond the Vienna Convention (Oxford Univ. Press 2011). Contents include:
  • Olivier Corten & Pierre Klein, Are Agreements between States and Non-State Entities Rooted in the International Legal Order?
  • Paolo Palchetti, Article 18 of the 1969 Vienna Convention: A Vague and Ineffective Obligation or a Useful Means for Strengthening Legal Cooperation?
  • Alain Pellet & Daniel Müller, Reservations to Treaties: An Objection to a Reservation is Definitely not an Acceptance
  • Bruno Simma & Gleider I. Hernández, Legal Consequences of an Impermissible Reservation to a Human Right Treaty: Where Do We Stand?
  • Mahnoush H. Arsanjani & W. Michael Reisman, Provisional Application of Treaties in International Law: The Energy Charter Treaty Awards
  • Mark E. Villiger, The Rules on Interpretation - Misgivings, Misunderstandings, Miscarriage? The 'Crucible' Intended by the International Law Commission
  • Pierre-Marie Dupuy, Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties: Between Memory and Prophecy
  • Georg Nolte, Subsequent Practice as a Means of Interpretation in the Jurisprudence of the WTO Appellate Body
  • Luigi Sbolci, Supplementary Means of Interpretation
  • Donald McRae, Treaty Interpretation by the WTO Appellate Body: The Conundrum of Article 17(6) of the WTO Antidumping Agreement
  • Benedetto Conforti, Consistency among Treaties Obligations
  • Jan Klabbers, Beyond the Vienna Convention: Conflicting Treaty Provisions
  • Christian Tomuschat, International Organizations as Third Parties under the Law of International Treaties
  • Francesco Salerno, Treaties Establishing Objective Regimes
  • Michael Wood, The Law of Treaties and the UN Security Council: Some Reflections
  • Pieter Jan Kuijper, The European Courts and the Law of Treaties: The Continuing Story
  • Fausto Pocar, Some Remarks on the Continuity of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Treaties
  • Joe Verhoeven, Invalidity of Treaties: Anything New in/under the Vienna Conventions?
  • Serena Forlati, Coercion as a Ground Affecting the Validity of Peace Treaties
  • Alessandra Gianelli, Absolute Invalidity of Treaties and Their Non-Recognition by Third States
  • Marcelo G. Kohen, Desuetude and Obsolescence of Treaties
  • Annalisa Ciampi, Invalidity and Termination of Treaties and Rules of Procedure
  • Karl Zemanek, The Metamorphosis of the Jus Cogens: From an Institution of Treaty Law to the Bedrock of the International Order?
  • Paolo Picone, The Distinction between Jus Cogens and Obligations Erga Omnes
  • Enzo Cannizzaro, A Higher Law for Treaties?