Monday, November 15, 2010

New Issue: International Journal of Transitional Justice

The latest issue of the International Journal of Transitional Justice (Vol. 4, no. 3, November 2010) is out. This is a special issue on "Transitional Justice on Trial - Evaluating Its Impact." Contents include:
  • Oskar N.T. Thoms, James Ron, & Roland Paris, State-Level Effects of Transitional Justice: What Do We Know?
  • Geoff Dancy, Impact Assessment, Not Evaluation: Defining a Limited Role for Positivism in the Study of Transitional Justice
  • James L. Gibson, Jeffrey Sonis, & Sokhom Hean, Cambodians’ Support for the Rule of Law on the Eve of the Khmer Rouge Trials
  • Brandon Hamber, Liz Ševčenko, & Ereshnee Naidu, Utopian Dreams or Practical Possibilities? The Challenges of Evaluating the Impact of Memorialization in Societies in Transition
  • Patrick Vinck & Phuong N. Pham, Outreach Evaluation: The International Criminal Court in the Central African Republic
  • David Backer, Watching a Bargain Unravel? A Panel Study of Victims’ Attitudes about Transitional Justice in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Tricia D. Olsen, Leigh A. Payne, Andrew G. Reiter, & Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, When Truth Commissions Improve Human Rights
  • Gearoid Millar, Assessing Local Experiences of Truth-Telling in Sierra Leone: Getting to ‘Why’ through a Qualitative Case Study Analysis
  • Nokukhanya Mncwabe, African Transitional Justice Research Network: Critical Reflections on a Peer Learning Process