Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call for Applications: Grotius Centre (2 Ph.D. positions)

The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden University is seeking applications for two Ph.D. positions. Here's the advertisement:

Two PhD positions, Post-Conflict Justice and Local Ownership

Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, Leiden/The Hague

The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies (Leiden Law School & Campus Den Haag) has two PhD vacancies for the project ‘Post-Conflict Justice and Local Ownership’ funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).


The project will involve research and testing of the design and management of international criminal justice. It examines rationales and methodologies of external intervention in justice responses, the societal impact of international criminal proceedings, based on analysis of the first practice of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the contribution of the ICC to capacity-building and legal harmonisation in conflict and post-conflict situations.


1. PHD POSITION: Societal impact of international criminal justice (full-time)

Vacancy number: 9-202

The PhD will examine the empirical and methodological problems associated with impact-measurement of international criminal justice. It will study the effects of international investigations and prosecutions on the basis of the first investigations and prosecutions of the ICC (Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan and Central African Republic).

2. PHD POSITION: Contribution of international criminal justice to domestic capacity-building and harmonisation

Vacancy number: 9-202a

The second PhD will examine to what extent ICC membership and international investigation and prosecution has served as a catalyst for domestic justice and implementation of international legal standards in ICC situation-countries. It will analyse the scope and forms of local justice responses to ICC activities, domestic law reform activities, reception of ICC jurisprudence and interaction with the rights and interests of victims.


Successful applicants will be appointed for a fixed-term period of 4 years, with continuation dependent upon an evaluation after 12 months. The gross monthly salary will be in accordance with the Collective Agreement of Dutch Universities for academic personnel, and will range from € 2.042,- per month in the first year, gradually rising to € 2.612,- in the final year.

Further information

More information on the project and these positions can be found on the website of the Grotius Centre. More information about these vacancies can be obtained from Dr. Carsten Stahn, E-Mail: cstahn@campusdenhaag.nl or Dr. Larissa van den Herik, E-Mail: L.van.den.Herik@LAW.leidenuniv.nl. Deadline for applications: 6 November 2009.