Thursday, April 3, 2008

Francioni & Scheinin: Cultural Human Rights

Francesco Francioni (European Univ. Institute - Law & Univ. of Siena - Law) & Martin Scheinin (Åbo Akademi Univ. - Law) have published Cultural Human Rights (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2008). Contents include:
  • Francesco Francioni, Culture, Heritage and Human Rights: An Introduction
  • Tore Lindholm, The Cross-Cultural Legitimacy of Universal Human Rights: Plural Justification Across Normative Divides
  • A.F. Vrdoljak, Self-Determination and Cultural Rights
  • William K. Barth, Cultural Rights: A Necessary Corrective to the Nation State
  • Matthias Ǻhrén, Protecting Peoples’ Cultural Rights: A Question of Properly Understanding the Notion of States and Nations?
  • Federico Lenzerini, Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Rights and the Controversy over Commercial Use of their Traditional Knowledge
  • Martin Scheinin, The Right of a People to Enjoy Its Culture: Towards a Nordic Saami Rights Convention
  • Enikő Horváth, Cultural Identity and Legal Status: Or, the Return of the Right to Have (Particular) Rights
  • Timo Makkonen, Minorities’ Right to Maintain and Develop Their Cultures: Legal Implications of Social Science Research
  • Stéphanie Lagoutte & Eva Maria Lassen, The Role of the State in Balancing Religious Freedom with Other Human Rights in a Multicultural European Context
  • Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Accessing Culture at the EU Level: An Indirect Contribution to Cultural Rights Protection?
  • Susanna Mancini & Bruno de Witte, Language Rights as Cultural Rights: A European Perspective
  • John Morijn, The Place of Cultural Rights in the WTO System
  • Yvonne Donders, A Right to Cultural Identity in UNESCO
  • Sanford Levinson, Political Change and the ‘Creative Destruction’ of Public Space