Sunday, March 30, 2008

Symposium: The New Federalism: Plural Governance in a Decentered World

The latest issue of the Emory Law Journal (Vol. 57, no. 1, December 2007) contains a symposium on "Plural Governance in a Decentered World." Contents include:
  • Robert B. Ahdieh, From Federalism to Intersystemic Governance: The Changing Nature of Modern Jurisdiction
  • Judith Resnik, Foreign as Domestic Affairs: Rethinking Horizontal Federalism and Foreign Affairs Preemption in Light of Translocal Internationalism
  • Ernest A. Young, Toward a Framework Statute for Supranational Adjudication
  • Robert A. Schapiro, Federalism as Intersystemic Governance: Legitimacy in a Post-Westphalian World
  • Mark Tushnet, Judicial Enforcement of Federalist-Based Constitutional Limitations: Some Skeptical Comparative Observations
  • William W. Buzbee, Interaction's Promise: Preemption Policy Shifts, Risk Regulation, and Experimentalism Lessons
  • Charles H. Koch, Jr., The Devolution of Implementing Policymaking in Network Governments
  • David J. Bederman, Diversity and Permeability in Transnational Governance David J. Bederman
  • Robert B. Ahdieh, From Federal Rules to Intersystemic Governance in Securities Regulation