Friday, April 4, 2008

Dupuy & Vierucci: NGOs in International Law: Efficiency in Flexibility?

Pierre-Marie Dupuy (European Univ. Institute - Law) & Luisa Vierucci (Univ. of Florence - Law) have published NGOs in International Law: Efficiency in Flexibility? (Edward Elgar Publishing 2008). Contents include:
  • Christine Bakker & Luisa Vierucci, Introduction: A Normative or Pragmatic Definition of NGOs?
  • Emanuele Rebasti, Beyond Consultative Status: Which Legal Framework for an Enhanced Interaction between NGOs and Intergovernmental Organizations?
  • Olivier de Frouville, Domesticating Civil Society at the United Nations
  • Valentina Bettin, NGOs and the Development Policy of the European Union
  • Attila Tanzi, Controversial Developments in the Field of Public Participation in the International Environmental Law Process
  • Luisa Vierucci, NGOs Before International Courts and Tribunals
  • Cesare Pitea, The Legal Status of NGOs in Environmental Non-compliance Procedures: An Assessment of Law and Practice
  • Pierre-Marie Dupuy, Conclusion: Return on the Legal Status of NGOs and on the Methodological Problems which Arise for Legal Scholarship