Monday, October 1, 2007

Conference: Corporate Liability for Grave Breaches of International Law

The Brooklyn Law School will host a symposium on Corporate Liability for Grave Breaches of International Law, November 16, in Brooklyn. The program is here. Why attend?

As the global economy expands and develops, corporations and other business entities face new challenges under national and international law. This symposium will examine one of the thorniest emerging issues: What are corporations' responsibilities under international law for their activities at home and abroad? The conference will analyze corporate liability for human rights abuses and other grave breaches of international law.

The symposium’s panels will compare doctrinal and theoretical bases for civil liability for human rights abuses by corporations, paying special attention to the Alien Torts Claims Act in the United States. It will also examine the concepts of "aiding and abetting" and complicity as applied to allegations of corporate human rights abuses and consider legal instruments other than civil liability that might be developed to discourage corporations from engaging in human rights abuses. Such alternative instruments include domestic and international criminal law, the use of disclosure under different regulatory regimes, and the United Nations' Human Rights Norms for Corporations.