Thursday, July 2, 2020

New Issue: Journal of International Criminal Justice

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (Vol. 18, no. 2, May 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Justice and Accountability for Sexual Violence in Conflict: Progress and Challenges in National Efforts to Address Impunity
    • Foreword
    • Kim Thuy Seelinger, Close to Home: A Short History, and Rough Typology, of National Courts Prosecuting Wartime Sexual Violence
    • Claudia Martin & Susana SáCouto, Access to Justice for Victims of Conflict-related Sexual Violence: Lessons Learned from the Sepur Zarco Case
    • Kirsten Lavery, South Sudanese Perceptions of Justice: The Terrain Trial
    • Daniele Perissi & Karen Naimer, Achieving Justice for Child Survivors of Conflict-related Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Kavumu Case
    • Daniela Kravetz, Accountability for Sexual and Gender-based Violence During Mass Repression and in Conflict: The Experiences of Argentina and Guatemala
    • Jasenka Ferizović & Gorana Mlinarević, Applying International Experiences in National Prosecutions of Conflict-related Sexual Violence: A Case Study of Application of the ICTY Law, Findings and Practices in Prosecutions before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Myriam S Denov & Mark A Drumbl, The Many Harms of Forced Marriage: Insights for Law from Ethnography in Northern Uganda
    • Phuong N Pham, Mychelle Balthazard, & Patrick Vinck, Assessment of Efforts to Hold Perpetrators of Conflict-related Sexual Violence Accountable in Central African Republic
    • Stephanie Barbour, Supporting Accountability for Sexual Violence in the Syria and Iraq Conflicts: Innovations, Good Practices, and Lessons Learned through Private Criminal Investigations
    • Barbara Bianchini & Sara Rubert, A Sustainable Psychosocial Model to Support the National Investigation and Prosecution of Conflict-related Sexual Violence Crimes
    • Marta Valiñas, The Colombian Special Jurisdiction for Peace: A Few Issues for Consideration When Investigating and Adjudicating Sexual and Gender-based Crimes
    • Ingrid Elliott, Coleen Kivlahan, & Yahya Rahhal, Bridging the Gap Between the Reality of Male Sexual Violence and Access to Justice and Accountability
    • Anne-Marie de Brouwer, Eefje de Volder, & Christophe Paulussen, Prosecuting the Nexus between Terrorism, Conflict-related Sexual Violence and Trafficking in Human Beings before National Legal Mechanisms: Case Studies of Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab
    • Patricia Viseur Sellers & Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum, Missing in Action: The International Crime of the Slave Trade