Saturday, July 4, 2020

New Issue: International & Comparative Law Quarterly

The latest issue of the International & Comparative Law Quarterly (Vol. 69, no. 3, July 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, Engaging with International Law
    • Michael Hamilton, The Meaning and Scope of ‘Assembly’ in International Human Rights Law
    • Caroline Henckels, Permission to Act: The Legal Character of General and Security Exceptions in International Trade and Investment Law
    • Efthymios Papastavridis, The Negotiations for A New Implementing Agreement Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea Concerning Marine Biodiversity
    • Stijn Smet, Comparative Constitutional Interpretation of Religious Freedom
    • Rumiana Yotova, Regulating Genome Editing Under International Human Rights Law
    • Phoebe Okowa, The Pitfalls of Unilateral Legislation in International Law: Lessons from Conflict Minerals Legislation
  • Shorter Articles
    • Natalie Klein, Douglas Guilfoyle, Md Saiful Karim, & Rob McLaughlin, Maritime Autonomous Vehicles: New Frontiers in the Law of the Sea
    • Ginevra Le Moli, The Human Rights Committee, Environmental Protection and the Right to Life