Sunday, July 14, 2019

New Issue: International Journal of Human Rights

The latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights (Vol. 23, no. 5, 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Beyond 'Rights-Based' Approaches?
    • Hannah Miller & Robin Redhead, Beyond ‘rights-based approaches’? Employing a process and outcomes framework
    • Hannah Miller, Human rights and development: the advancement of new campaign strategies
    • Jeff Halper & Tom Reifer, Beyond ‘the right to have rights’: creating spaces of political resistance protected by human rights
    • Emma Larking, Mobilising for food sovereignty: the pitfalls of international human rights strategies and an exploration of alternatives
    • Peter Manning, Recognising rights and wrongs in practice and politics: human rights organisations and Cambodia’s ‘Law Against the Non-Recognition of Khmer Rouge Crimes’
    • Chetan Bhatt, Human rights activism and salafi-jihadi violence
    • Paul Dixon, ‘Endless wars of altruism’? Human rights, humanitarianism and the Syrian war
    • Javier Trevino-Rangel, Magical legalism: human rights practitioners and undocumented migrants in Mexico
    • Ruth Kelly, Translating rights and articulating alternatives: rights-based approaches in ActionAid’s work on unpaid care
    • Kathryn Tomlinson, Indigenous rights and extractive resource projects: negotiations over the policy and implementation of FPIC