Saturday, June 15, 2019

Roberts, Choer Moraes, & Ferguson: Toward a Geoeconomic World Order

Anthea Roberts (Australian National Univ. - School of Regulation & Global Governance), Henrique Choer Moraes (Mission of Brazil to the European Union), & Victor Ferguson (Australian National Univ.) have posted Toward a Geoeconomic World Order. Here's the abstract:
Recent developments suggest that we might be moving past the International Economic World Order that has flourished since the end of the Cold War and toward a new Geoeconomic World Order. This new order, which is characterised by a growing ‘securitisation of economic policy and economisation of strategic policy,’ has the potential to significantly reshape the rules, norms and institutions of international trade and investment law. We explore this shift through the prism of U.S.-China great power rivalry with particular respect to their emerging tech/trade war.