Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pellet: Values and Power Relations – The 'Disillusionment' of International Law?

Alain Pellet (Université Paris X Nanterre - Law) has posted Values and Power Relations – The 'Disillusionment' of International Law? Here's the abstract:
This paper – which is based on the Thomas Franck Lecture held by the author at Humboldt University Berlin on 13 May 2019 – argues that the most likely development of international to be expected will be the coexistence of two “legal worlds”. On the one hand, an inter-State law brutally regulating political relations between human groups whitewashed by nationalism; on the other hand, a transnational or “a-national” law regulating economic relations between private as well as public interests. Further, the paper argues that there are two obvious victims – of very different nature – of this foreseeable evolution: the human being on the one hand, the certainty and effectiveness of the rule of law itself on the other hand.