Saturday, June 15, 2019

New Volume: Yearbook of Polar Law

The latest volume of the Yearbook of Polar Law (Vol. 10, 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Vivian Motzfeldt, The Need to Safeguard an Official Language by Law: The Case of Greenland
  • Evan T. Bloom, Two Key Developments in Polar Law and Diplomacy: A New Arctic Science Agreement and Establishment of the World’s Largest Marine Protected Area in Antarctica’s Ross Sea
  • Enrico Albanesi, Sámi’s Reindeer Husbandry and EU Legislation (beyond Finland and Sweden’s Accession Treaty)
  • Leena Heinämäki, Indigenous Persons with Disabilities: The Quest for Legal Recognition of Intersectionality and the Prohibition of Multiple Discrimination using the Example of the Sámi People in Finland
  • Ekaterina Andreyevna Zmyvalova, The Place of Indigenous Languages in the Russian System of School Education: A Legal Analysis
  • Matti Niemivuo & Lotta Viikari, Nordic Cooperation at a Crossroads
  • Sarah E. Mackie, Region Building and Regional Cooperation in Response to Environmental Challenges: A Case Study from the Barents Region
  • Paula Kovari, Comparison of the Nordic Chairmanship Programmes and the Outputs of the Arctic Council in 2000–2013
  • Outi Penttilä, Transboundary Environmental Harm in the Arctic – In Search of Accountability for an Oil Spill
  • Joseph F.C. DiMento, Christine Schrottenbaum & Elizabeth Taylor, Environmental Governance of the Arctic: Next Steps – Diverse, Compatible, Needed
  • Marcin Dymet, Digital Language Divide in the European High North: The Level of Online Presence of Minority Languages from Northern Finland, Norway and Sweden
  • Kamrul Hossain, The Evolving Information-Based Society and Its Influence on Traditional Culture: Framing Community Culture and Human Security of the Sámi in the European High North
  • Gerald Zojer, The Interconnectedness of Digitalisation and Human Security in the European High North: Cybersecurity Conceptualised through the Human Security Lens
  • Mirva Salminen, Refocusing and Redefining Cybersecurity: Individual Security in the Digitalising European High North
  • Xueping Li, Arctic Governance and China’s First Arctic Policy: An UNCLOS Perspective
  • Krittika Singh & Timo Koivurova, The South China Sea Award: Prompting a Revived Interest in the Validity of Canada’s Historic Internal Waters Claim?
  • Marc Lanteigne, The ‘Greenland Factor’ in China’s Expanding Arctic Diplomacy
  • Timo Koivurova, China & the Arctic: Why the Focus on International Law Matters
  • Nengye Liu, China’s Arctic Policy and Belt and Road Initiative: Synergy or Conflict?
  • Zia E. Madani & Julia Jabour, Developing an Iranian Antarctic Science Roadmap: A Legal and Policy Outlook